Saturday, April 12, 2014



I really like the boredom of one day being just like another.  We don't race tonight, so that cuts down on the kinetic frantic getting ready.  Actually John does all that getting ready stuff, I don't think he would trust me to do anything on the car, any more than I trust him in my kitchen.....!!!  LOL  We learned many years ago, to stay out of each others areas and to not try to work together.  We're still married and having fun, so it's worked.

Usually in the morning after we feed, I come in to take care of Mother and hide out while John and Lysa do the work......!!!!  This morning John was picking up poo, and I actually made the effort to go out and help him.  That's one thing we can do together, neither of us cares how it's done as long as it gets done.  The first thing I noticed was the flies and sun have gotten to Quilla's bare front legs.  As I moved along, picking up poo and refilling water buckets I checked out Cisco's sheath, just for fun....!!!  I've had him on Benedryl since January, hoping to get ahead of his allergies.  Well, obviously a fly has landed on his sheath in the last day or so, because he's managed to scrape it into a bloody wound.  Sigh....!!!    I was so hoping that we could keep it at bay without having to put Thuja Zinc Oxide on it every other day.  I'll have to keep an eye out on his legs, he gets sores on his legs with lots of serum oozing down the legs.  Makes a mess and is much easier to deal with if I catch it early.  

So while John continued picking up poo, I got my medical kit and headed out.  I doctored Quilla's leg and went ahead and wrapped both front legs.  Although only one was bloody, the other one wouldn't be far behind, I'm afraid.  

Over the years I've wrapped legs with just about everything.  Most things work, some are more labor intensive than others.  Since I put a bandage on the sore area, and wrapped that in brown gauze, I just went ahead and wrapped the other leg in brown gauze too.  If it holds up OK, I might try it on the others.  This morning he was trying to impress Coquette, with his manliness, so we'll see how well the gauze holds up under fire.  I know Boaz's doesn't hold up very well, when he's entertaining the girls.  The gauze would be great, it's lightweight and breathable, which would be nice when summer gets here.  

Wister and Ruger were also involved in the "orgy"...........!!!  Wister leads a very interesting life, one minute he's nursing off Ruthie, the next minute he's on Coquette, actually showing the others how it's done......!!!  Who knew, you would think getting gelded at age 4 months would curtail that behavior, guess not..!!!

Gigi is really walking good with her new shoe.  She seems to be comfortable and I never see her laying down, except when she's enjoying one of the sandy bathing areas.  I am really impressed with how she is doing.  Just wish both her and Rosie would be a little more cooperative.  John is putting on and taking off fly masks now.  Rosie will "allow" John to put on and take off without being in the redneck squeeze, but lets him know it isn't her idea. 

Gigi has to go in her squeeze.  She sees him coming and goes in the squeeze to wait for him.  We've tried closing the squeeze and hoping she would go stand "beside" outside it.  NOPE!  There has to be a corral panel between them, then she will just stand there and let him put on or take off.  

Neither one of these girls are afraid of us, but any interaction so far is on their terms.  If it's dark John can do just about anything with Rosie, in daylight, not going to happen. 

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