Sunday, April 27, 2014

GROOMING DAY..........YEA........!!!

Grooming is one thing that gets neglected around here, we just run out of time doing other stuff that seems more important.  Some of them shed out pretty good on their own, or they rub it off, which makes them end up looking rather flea bitten.  

Amy and Morgan and one of Morgan's friend's is out there, even as I type, making a lot of donkeys and mules happy.  Amy and her family have 2 of our donkeys along with 6 horses, so needless to say they get to do a lot of grooming with their own animals.  But they love to groom and decided to come out for awhile.  

They have had Big Gus and Rambo aka Bo for years.  Big Gus was going to be a "hard sell", he had one of those personalities, that takes a special person to appreciate.  When they come out to see if he would fit into their family, I ask them if there was anything in the back of their pickup that he could destroy.  They didn't think so, until we came back from seeing some of the other donkeys, and the  50 foot hose they had was in pieces.  They laughed and thought it was funny, and I knew this was Gus' forever home..........!!!  

Bo was a couple of years later, I asked them to foster him, because he couldn't think of anything except girls and since he was a gelding he kept everyone stirred up, until I could find a home for him.  Without jennets around I guess he is a good boy, so they decided to keep him.  We named him Rambo and Amy said he was too sweet to be called Rambo, hence the name change to Bo. 

John wants to see if they can groom on Rosie and Gigi.  They will of course have to be tied, unlike most of the others, hopefully it will go well.  Last night John took Gigi's fly mask off with her not in "her" safe corner, so maybe a little grooming will feel good enough for her to relax.  Reba had to be tied too, she likes to be groomed, but unless it's "official" she wanders off and you have to keep up.  They tied her and she almost fell over she was so relaxed.  But no "tie" no "stand still".  Sometimes they can be so funny. 

Rusty, the white mule has no problem, he has never seen a grooming tool he didn't like.  You could groom on him until there was no hair and he'd think it was just great......!!!! 

The penicillin wash seems to be working on the eyes.  They are clearer, dry, not goopy and not as swollen.  But we are still ready to haul them to Tucson if the swelling doesn't go down pretty quick.

Have some people coming out today to maybe adopt a donkey.  They lost their jennet on Easter Sunday and their gelding is very lonely.  Hopefully we will have someone that will work for them.  

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