Sunday, September 02, 2012



"We race Sat night & hopefully the car will be in one piece for racing Sun... no guarantee.....!!!"    

Perhaps I shouldn't have thought about it. 

Car is in one piece, motor isn't.  Last night was a pretty rough night, I feel like I should have a target on my back, but we survived.   John got the car off the trailer this morning, did a few things, checked the oil & found water.  Starts good, so he started it up, revved it up & sure enough it's got a rod knocking.  

I'm in my own little battle for points, but I think John feels worse than I do.  So he's up at the garage, putting the poor little injured thing on the trailer.  We're going to drag it all the way to the track, so I can start the main event, & pull off when the flagman throws the green flag.  I will get points for starting the race, which keeps my points adding up.  Silly isn't it?  

I really wish I could have ran tonight, because my grandson's boss was going to let J.R. borrow his hornet, so we could race together.  I'm sure he'll make the offer again, but I was looking forward to the fun.  I think J.R. was too, although I've beaten that car a few times.....!!!!  It would be terrible to be beaten by your grandma, heck it would be terrible to be beaten by anyone's grandma, probably.........!!! LOL

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