Friday, September 21, 2012


Took Pepper to the vet today to see if they might have an idea about the spells he has, when he gets down, can't get up & then is disorientated for a couple of hours.  

One thing we noticed right away is "there's a new vet in town"..........!!!!  And she is mobile........!!! YIPPEE!  Over the years Nancy has had other vets working with her, but it seems like after a couple of years they move on & we are without a mobile vet again.  Megan says she is here to stay, so hopefully she'll be around for awhile.  

She checked him over, looked in his mouth & couldn't find the grey spot we saw in the spring.  She said there is a smooth spot in the area we saw it, but it isn't discolored.  She poked & prodded him, & didn't find anything out of the ordinary for an "mature" gentleman.  Actually gentleman  isn't really what he was, we warned her about him using his head as a weapon.  Besides having to watch out for that, he also decided he was ready to do something else before she was finished.  When she rinsed him mouth out he got some water down his lungs & panicked poor old guy.  He started scrambling & almost went down, which of course scared him. Needless to say he was ready to get in the trailer, to come home.  

I'm glad they didn't find anything, but I'm glad we took him in.  She said he could be having little strokes or something like that, there's really no way to tell, unless he was in the middle of having one.  And there really isn't anything that could be done even if we knew for sure what is happening.  

I told her of course they usually happen on week-ends or holidays, & she said she's on call, bless her heart.  

Gus is doing just fine, tomorrow will be rebandage day.  Today was the last day for his shots, which I'm sure won't break his heart, although he will miss his animal cracker.  

Jenny still has a little drainage from the abscess at least I hope it's an abscess & not infection again.  I called the clinic at Gilbert yesterday, & was told to not soak the foot too much & to continue with the SMZ.  Sure hope it works.  

Racing tomorrow night, only have 3 more race nights till the season is over.  I'm still in 5th place for end of the year points.  I had hoped to be able to move into 4th place, but unless the guy in 4th quits racing, there's too many points to make up.  Of course I better watch 6th place or they might catch me.........!!!!   LOL


Witcheylady said...

Soooo happy about the new "mobile" vet.
I imagine it is a big relief for you.
Good luck at the races tomorrow!

Tish said...

I just hope she sticks around for awhile. Hope I do good tonight, I have a "rooting" section coming. Don't want to embarrass them.........!!! LOL