Thursday, September 06, 2012


One year ago today this is what greeted John when he went out to start the round-up for morning feeding.  It was a rough & rocky start for the little guy, but he made it.  He & Mocha went to their new home a couple of months ago & according to the phone call from their momma this afternoon, are spoiled rotten. 

I know when I answered the phone, I could hear them braying in the background.  I assume she had just came in from "messing" with them, & they didn't appreciate her leaving.  

Courtney came & trimmed last night.  When we took Jenny's foot bandage off, there were some maggots in the open part of the hoof.  The only time it's ever been uncovered is when we were letting it dry out uncovered in the garage for 30 minutes or so.  There were a few flies around, & I guess they were quick to lay their eggs.  Disgusting, & since maggots only eat dead tissue, I assume there is some dead tissue somewhere in her foot.  

Her foot really looks good & we decided to leave the bandage off to let it air dry.  I covered it with a couple of layers of gauze & we left her in her pen last night.  This morning it looked good although it did bleed a little from an area high up on the hoof.  This morning soaked it for 20 minutes, actually I didn't make the White Lightening deep enough to soak the whole hoof, I'm relying on the gas it produces to get in all the nooks & crannies without the softening, actual soaking might do.   

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