Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haven't gotten an update on how Missy is doing in her new home.  Last I heard she & Claude had gotten home, & she was in the screened in porch on a bed they made for her.  That was a couple of days ago, so I would imagine by now she's got a chance to check out the new "digs".  

Went out to visit with Bijou this morning.  The local businesses in the area are trying to establish an annual "happening" to get people involved.  Stacy said she was going to bring Bijou out with some of her other animals for the people to see.  

When I got there there was another mini horse tied by the gate.  I did a double take, it was about the same color as Bijou, but probably 3 or 4 inches taller.  Looked around & saw Stacy under a tree with her little group.  

Bijou is behind Dusty.  Dusty is a dwarf mini-horse & quite a bit smaller than Bijoy.  He is also a little bit nuts, he LOVES women.  He also thinks any attention given to any animals should be given to him & he really tries to make his point, by pawing & rearing.  Of course he isn't very big, but does seem to be quite strong for his size.  Stacy got him when he was 4 days old, & they didn't think he would live, so they spoiled him rotten.  He's now 9 years old & can be a handful.  I guess he spent a month at the vet one time under constant care.  She said he loves to go to that vet & when he hears the vet's voice he has to go find him.  She said he checks out where he stayed in a stall & goes in the office to make sure everything is as it should be I guess........!!!  

This is Annabelle I think, a miniature Hereford.  She's 11 years old & Stacy said she doesn't know she's a cow, she thinks she's a horse, but most of the horses are afraid of her.  You can tell how short she is compared to Dusty & Bijou on the left.  But her belly is about the size of a normal cow.  So from the back she looks like she's pregnant.  Stacy said her insides are normal size, but the rest of her isn't. 

They also had a real cute goat named Conrad.

Stacy said Dusty has always preferred people to other equine, but for some reason he has attached himself to Bijou.  She said Bijou doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but Dusty has to be with Bijou, if at all possible.

It was fun to see Bijou, he looks good, goes without his boots at home, although he had them on today.  His eyes looked pretty good, unfortunately he has a lot of scar tissue around them, that will never go away.  She said he got his fly mask off one day when she wasn't home.  By the time she got home, I guess he had scratched his eye, until she couldn't see if the eye was still there or not.  It looked pretty good today.  He also recently popped an abscess on the bottom of one foot.  He's was walking real good today, so hopefully no more abscesses......!!!

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