Monday, September 17, 2012

Pepper has an appointment to see the vet Friday morning.  Maybe she will have some ideas about what is going on with him.  Maybe not, I'm sure he is well past his "expiration" date by most standards.  At least she can look in his mouth & see how the tumor is doing, & give him a general check-up.  

This is the before & after of Gus' trip to the vet to see what is going on with his leg.  This morning it looks even better, so I assume we are on the right track.  Haven't gotten the results back from the swabs & scrapings yet, but Animax & Naxcel seem to be doing the job.  

The vet was going to have me give him Tucoprim, BUT, Claire had said equine that are Insulin Resistant, shouldn't be given sulfa drugs.  Unfortunately she didn't tell me why, so when the vet asked why, I had no answer.  That happens quite often with me........!!!  At my age my brain is full & there isn't much room for anything else, so I rely on my good friends to "try" to keep me in the loop of knowledge.  (G)

According to Dr. Eleanor Kellon, sulfa drugs can cause an insulin rise in people studies, but is a complete unknown in IR horses.  It's just another piece of information that makes sense although hasn't been proven.  Why take a chance if you don't have to, so no sulfa for IR donkeys around here.  I printed out information to take to my vet when we take Pepper in Friday.  Who knows, it might give her information that will help her be better informed for her patients. 

He's having to stay in the pens because of the bandage & polo wraps, but he doesn't really seem to mind.  It's getting cool enough here at night (52 degrees last night) that we might be able to leave it upwrapped in a few days.  We've already noticed a lot less flies.  He doesn't usually go too far from the pens & the house, but he does like to roam around. 

We've been calling her Missy, she showed up here last week, hungry & scared.  She looks like a purebred Great Dane.  We've asked around & no one has claimed her.  John's theory is, she's recently had pups, & once the money making puppies were weaned, the owners came out to the first mailboxes on our road & dumped her.  

Our 2 dogs split a can of dog food & each get 1 1/2 cups of dry food a day.  They weigh about 60-75 pounds each.  At first she was eating about 18-20 cups of dry food a day, I need to ask John if he's backed off on the amount yet?  She's very sweet but shy & taller than the minis.  I've been in touch with a Dane rescue in Phoenix, there aren't any Dane rescues in Tucson, to see if they have a place for her.  


Anonymous said...

She is a beautie, isn't she? I have never understood people who can and do dump animals. Hope the rescue has a good home for her.

Witcheylady said...

Tish..Do you have any Milk Thistle for Gus? Let me know, if not I can send you some. Since he is on antibiotics & recovering from an infection Milk Thistle would be good to give his liver some added support.
Thank you for taking such good care of my boy :-)
I'm looking into the beet root powder for Quilla...will get back with you.