Monday, September 03, 2012

POITOU (The dreadlock donkey)
This morning we changed Jenny's foot bandage in her pen for the first time, rather than taking her up to the garage.  John put down a piece of plywood, & she was still eating her hay, so she actually stood still.  

The foot is still doing good, although she seems to be moving slow & ouchy.  Can't really tell which foot or feet are bothering her, could be all 4, since all of her feet are compromised.  Courtney is suppose to come Wednesday to trim her & whoever else needs it, so hopefully that will make her more comfortable.  

We did home studies today for BJ & Boaz's foster home.  They will have a job description, grass & weed control.  As soon as the "mowing" is done, we'll go pick them up.  It looks like they will have a lot of variety in their diet, certainly won't need any hay that's for sure.  

Then we checked out Ruger & Pancho's foster home at Sonoita.  We had instructions on how to get there &  at the last turn, there was a gorgeous mare motel on the corner.  Imagine my delight to find out that is the property where they are going.  We got out of the van & headed straight for the mare motel for a "look-see".  The place was a foreclosure, Trina has only been there 3 weeks, so there is some neglect, but it's really a nice 7 stall motel with a huge tack room.  Trina said she's going to try to sell it, I would imagine it's worth a lot of money & she said she would never use it.  I doubt the donkeys would appreciate it anyway.  They will also have access to natural food, at least until the monsoons are over & everything dries up.  Lots of tumbleweeds , Trina was disappointed when I told her they won't eat them.   

Dragging my poor little race car to the track, went really well last night & I got points for starting the main event, even though I was a hazard........!!! LOL  I started in the back, I didn't want to get in the way.  My original idea was to just run one lap.   The rod was knocking, but only if I gave it enough gas to go above 3000 RPM.  So I put it in 3rd gear, (easier on the motor than 2nd gear) & decided to stay out until the first wreck or until they started lapping me, whichever came first.  The lapping came pretty quick, like the 2nd lap, the whole field of 20 cars "freight trained" me.   I knew they would probably lap me again within 2 laps, so as soon as they all "flew" past, I pulled off.  

Hopefully we can find another motor & get it put in before the 15th.  We've been looking on the internet & it looks like Kia Sephia motors don't grow on trees.  Glad the holiday is over, maybe we can find one locally tomorrow.  I found one in San Antonio & one in Covina, CA, but I'd REALLY rather find one locally, for a lot of reasons, one being not much time until the 15th.    

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