Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for information, maybe not.  To think these 4 are or probably will be fathers, makes me sad for our society.......!!!! 

 This purge has been going on for years in Big Bend & continues today

This just happened this week.  When the news first came to the attention of the Donkey Yahoo group we had been told it was 2 donkeys that would be killed before Wednesday.  Guess it was done over the week-end.  Then we were told it was 2 trained mules 10-12 years old.  Once the e-mails started flying, they put out the word they were 28 & 32 years old & not healthy............

Hug your animals & let them know they are important & will never have to be treated as a thing.


It's too late for these 2 poor mules, but if enough people sign this petition, perhaps our point will be made.

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Witcheylady said...

This type of stuff makes me so mad....I could just spit!Our society's values continue to deteriorate.