Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I hate to have to give Jenny anything by mouth.  I called the vet clinic at Gilbert today to see if she might need some antibiotics.  She popped an abscess awhile back, & it is still oozing & occasionally bleeding a little bit.  So they said to give her SMZ for 10 days.  I always taste anything I give them, don't have to taste this stuff, I remember what it tastes like.............very VERY bitter......!!!!  I know their taste buds are different than ours, otherwise they wouldn't think lemon rinds are a treat, but even making allowances for different taste, this stuff can't taste good. 

I mixed it up with some molasses, stuck it in her mouth, plunged it in & she has a gift of being able to reject most of it.  She doesn't make a big deal about it, the stuff just dribbles out of her mouth, doesn't matter if you hold her head up, or what you do, it doesn't go down her throat.........GRRRRRR..........!!!!    We have 10 days twice a day to make this work, & I have a feeling we won't be feeling the "love" before it's over............!!!!!   LOL 

Heard from the other clinic about Gus' test for infection.  He has staph & a couple of other bacterial infections I can't pronounce.  So now besides getting Naxcel, he's going to also be getting Gentamicin for a few days.  He is such a sweet boy about getting shots, of course he knows there is a animal cracker when it's over.

Tomorrow morning Missy is going to her Forever Home.  We had just about finalized the hand over of her to a Great Dane Rescue up in the Phoenix area.  But Mocha & Tucker's Mom decided she would like to give her a home, & has had Danes before.  We won't even have to deliver her, Claude is coming thru here tomorrow morning on his way home to Las Cruces from Phoenix.  I think she will be a great addition to their family.  


This is a picture taken by Tucker & Mocha's mom.  She said the hat originally was on Mocha, but if you'll notice there is a piece missing from the brim.  Tucker took a bite out of it when it was on Mocha, & I guess when Mocha got hold of it again, she tore it up until it wasn't wearable anymore. 


Witcheylady said...

First of all, the next time you give Gus his shot be sure & kiss his pointed little head for me.
I LOVED the picture of Mocha & Tucker...made my day!
Looks like they have a wonderful home. Again, thank you Tish & John for doing what you do & doing it with such love.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could invest in a portable grain feeder that will attach to her halter? That way you could put the medicine in the bag and she'd have to eat it.

Tish said...

It's a liquid, & I have learned in the past with her, if it doesn't smell right, she won't even go close to it. Things the others eat just fine, she won't even go close to, especially if it's "good for her".........!!