Friday, September 14, 2012


Well I guess the crisis is over for the time being.  The old buzzard rallied this afternoon after a day of just standing around in his pen.  I went out one time & there were flies all over his face.  Got some fly repellent lotion, went out to put it on him, & he was adament about me not putting it on him, using his head as a weapon as usual.  

We will probably make an appointment next week with the vet to see if she has any ideas.  Unless he's having one of these spells, I'm sure she probably won't be able to find anything, but at least she can look in his mouth & see if the tumor is growing.  She might also tube him to see if there is anything going on in his throat.  The coughing has me puzzled, but it seems to be part of the process.  

He sure likes to worry us, that's for sure. 

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