Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pretty quiet around here right now.  Everyone seems to be doing pretty good, we're getting ready to haul Boaz & BlackJack Saturday & Ruger & Pancho Sunday.  Courtney is coming this afternoon to do some trimming, we'll make sure all 4 of those boys get trimmed if they need it.  

Of course Jenny will get trimmed.  Her front foot that has a big chunk missing, is breaking off more big chunks.  Could be why she is no moving around very much.  I would imagine it feels somewhat like having a fingernail really really short & into the quick.  Might have to put a boot on her for awhile, poor girl.  Seems like if it isn't one thing it's another.  

Had 2 real nice women come out this morning.  One of them has a store in Tubac, & the other one is an artist.  They took lots of pictures of the donkeys & already have plans to do some drawings & make some notecards.  They said they'd send me some, can't wait to see some of my "kids" on notecards..........!!!! 

I know this isn't very exciting to anyone else but me but, JOHN FOUND A KIA MOTOR IN TUCSON...........YIPPEE......!!!!  Actually found 3 of them, a friend that works on imported Asian cars, found them for us.  One of them was a great price, but had 250,000 miles on it.  John figured I'd blow that one up real quick, so opted for the more expensive, less mileage option.  It's in the back of the pick-up waiting to be hauled to another friend to help John change motors.  John has over 50 years experience with chevy V-8 motors.  I don't think he knows what the inside of a 4 cylinder import looks like.  So he wants someone that knows more about the subject to lead him thru the process.  

Anyone that thinks racing isn't a team sport doesn't know much about racing.  Our grandson destroyed the drive shaft on his Super Stock, Saturday night.  Two pits down from us was a guy that owns a driveshaft shop in Tucson.  They had one built by 1pm Sunday afternoon for J.R. so he could run Sunday night.  Reminds me of the time John loaned the gas tank out of his race car to another racer.......!!!!  LOL

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