Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wookie one of the kittens we had "fixed" in January, just left for her new home.  I put an ad up at the vet clinic for her & the 2 boys, Julius & Snooky.  Hopefully someone will want the boys too, they love to play with each other & hang out together, so it would be nice if someone wanted both of them. 

When the woman called, we said we'd try to get them into the spa room so she could see them.  They hadn't been in the spa room, since we let them out after they got healed, so I didn't know if they would go in or not.  No problem, they came right in & started looking around to see if it was still theirs, I guess. 

Wookie was a little stand offish much more so than she use to be.  But she has been hanging out with her Mom, Hobo & of course Hobo is feral & plans on staying that way.  I guess she told Wookie to stay away from those mean, nasty people.  I'm sure once she gets settled in she'll warm up to the family.  They have 3 boys, so that should be interesting.

Not much going on around here, although the fly season is picking up pretty quick.  I can't imagine what it would be like, if we didn't use the traps & predators.  You can tell which donkeys aren't real healthy, the flies are attracted to them like a magnet, Sha'ba, Cisco, Quilla, Jenny all have a problem. BlackJack doesn't even need a fly mask, flies don't like him much. 

This morning when John went out to "start the dance" as we say, they were all over by the mini pen.  That is where the sun gets warm first, & believe me they know it.  Even though it was only in the 50's last night, they obviously wanted to be where it was warm.  I've read that equines prefer temperatures between 40-80 degrees.   Usually Gus is in his pen at feeding time, he seems to have a built in clock.  But this morning he was hanging out with the rest of them in the sun.  Rather than go ahead & get in his pen, he waited until John had time to escort him.  If he isn't in his pen, he always waits for us to take him there, not sure what makes the difference.  But he's done it enough that you can tell that's the way it's suppose to be done, from his point of view..........!!!  If I've learned nothing else over the years, the one thing I have learned is, human logic & donkey logic have absolutely nothing in common.......!!! (G) 

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