Wednesday, June 22, 2011

There's some good news coming from the fire area, some people & their animals are getting to go home.  I wish everyone will have a home to go to, but something like 60 homes have been burned, so going back is going to be a big disappointment for those folks.  

A friend had gotten in touch with Arbico to see if they could donate some of the fly predator wasps to at least the 2 largest holding areas for animals, the Sierra Vista Riding Club & the fairgrounds at Sonoita.  She asked if I'd get in touch with them also, the theory being, the more people get in touch with them, the more apt they are to help.  So I e-mailed them yesterday.  

Next thing I know I get an e-mail back, wanting to know where I was, how many animals & RV's we had at our place, & telling me when they would hand deliver the wasps & release them on the property.  WOW they really stepped up to the plate quickly.  I wrote them back & told them I was out of the area, but there was definitely a need in those 2 areas, so hopefully they will take LOTS of wasps down there to help with so many animals being in one area. 

Also heard from a woman yesterday that was involved in getting a donkey out of the area & to safety.  She was trying to find a trimmer to trim his nasty feet

She said the people where he was wouldn't even admit that he was theirs, they said they'd just open the gate & he could leave if he needed to.  The people that were gathering up some other animals, just added him to the mix & it sounds like they are already in love.  I guess he's being a good ambassador for donkeys......!!!  I gave her a name & haven't heard back so hopefully they can get his feet done.  

One tiny little problem, he is an intact jack, so we  also discussed what to do next once his feet are trimmed.

She seemed to think the owner will not want him back, but I told her to keep track of the costs involved, just in case. 

Yesterday afternoon when John went out to do round-up, he found a golf ball from the San Pedro Golf Course "soaking" in the Ritchie automatic waterer.  The ravens love to soak bread from the chicken pen in the waterer & leave it there.  I guess they've been to the golf course & thought they found an egg or something.  Once they figured out it wasn't going to "soften" they just left it there. 

I guess we're about ready to go on our week long vacation, Saturday morning.  Trained the last of the people that are going to take care of the animals this morning.  So all we have left to do, is get our bags packed & hit the trail.  And of course not worry......!!!!!  LOL


Morning Bray Farm said...

I've been thinking a lot about you all and hoping you're doing alright considering the wildfires. Just want you to know you're in our thoughts.

Tish said...

Thanks, we're doing just fine, wish I could say the same for many many people down by Sierra Vista. This has really been difficult on so many people.