Monday, June 06, 2011


Quilla & BlackJack entertaining new friends

A friend of mine has a birthday party for herself every year.  What makes it unique is, she always has everyone bring presents for a horse charity/rescue/sanctuary etc, rather than bring presents for her. 

We were the recipients this year.  Really had a great time, lots of good food, & got a chance to visit with friends I hadn't seen in a long time & meet some nice people I hadn't known before.  It's a shame we get so involved in life, that there's no time to relax & just enjoy "visiting" on a regular basis.  Everyone brought goodies for the donkeys, fly spray, buckets, bag balm, even a neat poo rake.  John tried it this morning & pronounced it really nice.  Patti said she had one & loves it.  Someone even brought a salt block, those suckers are HEAVY......!!!  

We even took 2 donkeys as "objects of interest", since everyone else were horse  people.  I had decided that BlackJack & Quilla would be good candidates as show & tell "items".  I went to round Quilla up in the morning, put a halter on him & started to lead him up to the pen area.  Usually he's pretty good about leading, but for some reason, he just couldn't leave Tula's side.  He jerked away from me, & took of running.  Of course if one runs they all run, so it was like stampede of silly donkeys.  It was hot & sunny & chasing them around wasn't really what I had planned for the morning.  Unfortunately Quilla didn't get THAT memo.  I followed them around for probably half an hour before John noticed & ask if I needed his help.........!!!! YES!  Although it didn't make too much difference.  Tula finally got tired of having to move & went in her pen.  Once she was out of the way, Quilla went in one of the pens & we had him.  

I had planned on washing him, since he's had fly spray on him & then rolled in the dirt.  Makes for a rather filthy looking white donkey.  Instead he got a "sitz" bath of sorts, I hit the worse looking places & hoped they thought the other spots were his.  He does have some spots but his are gray, not dirty brown.  Catching BlackJack was no problem...............time to load...........Quilla went in like a good boy, BlackJack decided he didn't want to.  The last time we hauled BlackJack he hopped in like a trooper.  It's almost like they are messing with my mind, & believe me some days there isn't much there to mess with........!!! (G)  Finally used a butt strap on him, after he kicked back to show his displeasure.  Of course then I showed my displeasure, so by the time he was loaded, we weren't speaking to each other.........!!! LOL 

Patti had a nice pen set up with fresh water, & lots of wild food growing in the pen, so they had a great time.  People went over,  petted them & fed them timothy pellets we brought with us, so they had a fun afternoon too.  

When it was time to leave, we loaded Quilla first, & he hopped right in.  BlackJack, no hopping, not even any interest at anything except pulling back on the lead, & kicking to show his displeasure.  BJ has never kicked before I really don't know what his problem was.  I was hoping they'd show all the horsey people how well behaved donkeys can be.........well that went out the window I guess.  He finally hopped in like it was his idea, but not before he had shown everyone what an "ass" he could be.  

Got home a couple of hours after normal feeding time to a crowd of "anxious" donkeys & mules.  This is the group, that on any given day, takes their own sweet time coming in to eat.  Obviously we are operating under different standards depending on who is late...........!!! 


ellie k said...

what a wonderful idea for a party. my grand daughter has a party a few years ago and asks her friends to bring cat things for a cat rescue here in town. She had so much fun taking the things to the rescue and petting the cats and being told a number of times "No you cannot take a cat home with you, we have 5 already". happy you got hings you need.

Tish said...

It was a lot of fun, & a great idea that can do good for others. If I ever have time to have another party to celebrate something, that's what I'm going to do.

Online Blackjack said...

No doubt this can be very best idea to celebrate the birthday. Because animals are become our family members therefore we can do this much for the others. I will think of it.