Sunday, June 19, 2011


The fires are really starting to freak out this part of Arizona.  So far they are about 50 miles south of us, but areas of Sierra Vista have gotten pre-evacuation notices, which is scary with all the subdivisions & infra-structure they have down there.  So far 3000 homes have been evacuated & about 12000 people have been displaced.  That doesn't even begin to tell the story of animals & trying to get them taken care of under horrible conditions.  I heard of one area that had over 240 horses & were expecting another 150 before the day was over.  Just the logistics of feeding & caring for that many animals that are already stressed is a daunting task.  There are a lot of volunteers that are helping & collecting supplies all over Tucson & Cochise County. 

I saw a plea on the internet from some people that had to turn their 3 horses loose, when they left.  They had loaned their trailer to a friend that was closer to the fire to move his horses.  When he tried to get back into their area the authorities wouldn't let him go in, so they had to leave their horses.  I hope they find them & they are OK.
Just heard the new fire on Ft. Huachuca was a backfire they set that got away from them.  You know I would really be unhappy if my home was destroyed by a fire set by authorities that obviously needed to know more than they did. 

We went to the races last night & some friends were there.  They were evacuated a few days ago, & are staying in a motel.  All of the motels are filled to capacity.  They are hoping they can get back into their home by Monday, I hope so.

Trained another person this morning that will take care of the donkeys while we're gone.  I think that makes 6 trained & 2 to go, when they get back next week.  They all seem to think it's not going to be a problem, sure hope they are right.......!!! We'll be hitting the road, Saturday the 25th & should be back Saturday the 2nd of July.  John is going to hook one of the vans to the stock trailer.  He had planned on doing that anyway in case they needed to haul someone to the vet.  But with the fire situation the way it is, I hope they don't need it for something else.  Of course they have over 700 exotic birds to worry about if the fires did get this far north.  Our son lives in NW Tucson, wonder how he'd like to have a bunch of donkeys & a couple of mules come to visit for a few days?  LOL  Wonder how their horses, Sonny & Sassy would like the "visitors"?  Probably not much. 

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