Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Had visitors from Gus' past today.  Sheryl was instrumental in getting Gus out of a bad living situation & Hope is a volunteer at the rescue where he went for awhile until he was adopted by his present owner.  

I guess he made quite an impression on a lot of the volunteers at the rescue, & they wanted to come & visit with him.  On the way here they picked up a little kitten in the middle of the road, that had probably been hit.  You might know the local vet is out of town.  We couldn't find anything really wrong but he seemed to be a little lethargic, so they plan on taking him to a vet up in Phoenix when they get back.  

They also brought goodies, like carrots, apples, graham crackers for everyone...........!!!   YUM!  

Gus is quite a ham when it comes to company.  He posed & stood so they could make over him & really enjoyed all the attention.  In fact when they went to visit with the other donkeys in their pens, he watched them as long as he could.  Guess he wanted to make sure they would come back to see him.  After they visited with the others, they groomed on Gus for quite awhile.  I was getting worried, if he would have any hair left.......!!! (G)  Then he walked with us down to his favorite dusting hole, so they could see it.  When he found out they weren't carrying any treats, he showed them how he eats "wild food" i.e. mesquite leaves.  

I think a good time was had by all, they said they might even come back.  It's about a 3 hour drive, so it would be quite a drive, but we've driven farther to do something less interesting, so they may make it back.

Tomorrow is mammoth moving day, & everything seems to be in place.  Tom is going to haul the 5 big boys, & we'll haul the jenny.  I plan on taking pictures, hopefully I'll have a chance.  Stay tuned........!!!!!

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