Friday, June 24, 2011

VACATION TIME............!!!!

I will be out of touch until after the 2nd of July.  We leave in the morning & it seems the more I look around the more stuff needs to be done before we leave.  None of it really matters as long as the animals are taken care of, & I know they will be in good hands.  

I just wish Sha'ba & his habronema lesions on his sheath were in better condition.  Unfortunately this is the worst time of year the flies are out in force & because it's dry they go for any moisture they can find.  If it happens to be a sore I guess that is a bonus....!!!!  But as long as there is zinc oxide on the area as a barrier to keep the flies from landing on his sheath, he will be OK.  When I get back I can deal with the ones that are already there.  

Everyone else seems to be doing OK, although I'm sure they are getting pretty tired of having to shake their heads & stomp their feet constantly because of the flies.  I'm not sure but I think flies have developed a taste for fly spray, it certainly doesn't deter them for very long.  

This morning when we were cleaning pens, I saw Jenny lay down to roll in her favorite dusting place.  Unfortunately she was too close to a prickly pear & rolled right in to it.  What a mess that was........!!!   She stood real still & let me pick out all the spines I could, but there were still the little tiny hair-like ones.  I used the Furminator & it didn't take long for the "gathering" to begin.  They all need to be brushed, but that is one thing that gets left out around here unfortunately.  Daisy & Frijolita showed up front & center waiting their turn.  So I gave each one a 30 second brushing, not much but as least they didn't try to follow me in the feed room when I got done.  

I hope by the time we get back, it will have cooled off some.  It would be nice to get some rain, but we're so far behind now, I don't know if we'll ever get caught up or not. 

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Have a good trip. Relax and enjoy!