Monday, June 20, 2011



I got a call from a woman in the area a few days ago, asking about the grant  Kathy at Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Colorado has available to help with gelding costs for rescued donkeys.  

It took us a few days to finally connect, but I found out this morning that she has PeeWee from the mammoth rescue........!!!!!
It seems she was out at the Sierra Vista Riding Club grounds that is one of the places, displaced animals are going.  They have a lot of ground, in fact Rusty said it's looking like a big RV park out there.  A lot of the people that brought their animals out there to safety have also parked their RV's for the duration to have a place to live.  

Rusty said she was walking around & noticed a bunch of long ears, & was drawn to one of them a great big mammoth donkey.  She went over & petted on him awhile, & then asked who owned him.  The guy she asked said he was the owner.  She asked if he was for sale & was told he was promised to a rescue up by Kingman, in fact he was planning on hauling him the next day.  That is how I found out that Tom had indeed had to evacuate. 

So a few phones calls back & forth, between Last Straw Horse Rescue & Rusty, & she was now PeeWee's aka Jeremiah's new Mom.........!!!  Just talking to her this morning this is going to be a great home for him, she spent about 3 hours working with him to do some trimming on his feet.  He's such a "big mush" if she makes over him & messes with him a lot, he'll just be a big pocket donkey, a REAL big one.......!!! 

There are at least 2 large holding areas, the riding club & also at the fairgrounds in Sonoita.  They have everything from chickens, & rabbits to cows & pigs.  Lots of great people donating their  time & effort to help where they can.  Patti is headed down to Sonoita with a load of hay this morning.  As I understand it a lot of the horses are coming in without fly masks, halters or leads.  Most of the local feed stores are taking orders for supplies, & then people are coming around & picking them up.  I hope this doesn't go on for much longer, or the feed stores will deplete their inventory especially in the Sierra Vista area.  One of the feed stores down there, Jem's Feed Store is very close if not in the evacuation area, so not sure how much help they can be. 

If anyone would like to donate - is collecting donations for buy feed & supplies.  Mark your donation so they know it's for the fire emergency.  Also - .  They had 160 acres of pasture burn up last week, a one of their horses is still being treated for burns.  They've also opened up, as a place for people to bring their horses, but of course they have no resources since their pasture burned up.  

I heard this morning that - has been evacuated, don't know that for sure, but they certainly are in the middle of where the action is.  I would imagine some of their volunteers are taking care of their horses until this is over. 

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