Thursday, June 16, 2011

THEY ALL HAVE A HOME.................!!! YIPPEE!

Tom, bless his heart has put the word out there & made it happen.  Of course taking on 6 extra unhandled animals probably helped him work on finding them good homes, as soon as possible.  LOL

#1 aka PeeWee is going to become a mascot for Last Straw Horse Rescue, in Golden Valley, AZ  He is just a big overgrown baby, Tom said he was even at the bottom of the pecking order, even though he towered over the others.  

# 2 is going to get his prayers answered, he's going to be turned out on 110 acres with a bunch of mares to make little baby mules.  Not sure if he'll know what to do with mares, but I'm sure he'll figure it out.

#3&4 the matching brothers are going to be trained as a team.  The guy wants to get them ready to be in the Tucson Rodeo Parade next year.  I would imagine if they make it, the announcers will think they are mules.  For some reason people seem to think if they are big they are mules.  I have a picture of a little mule with a saddle on his back, & he is just over knee high to the guy that is standing with him.  People don't realize they come in all sizes.

 Can't you just imagine what is going thru the horse's mind?

#5 Tom is going to keep him for riding & packing.  He made quite an impression on Tom, & a couple of times in this "dance" Tom had him going to a new home.  But the last I heard, he's back in Tom's "string".  

#6 aka Jasmine is going to a woman up by Wittman, that use to live close to Benson & had been out here to visit with our donkeys.  At that time she only had 1 donkey she had trained to pull a cart.  Since she moved she's got a trained mule, & plans on having the same trainer work with Jasmine.  

The fires in the area are really causing a lot of problems for a lot of people & animals.  We have offered a place to bring donkeys if needed.  I'd like to hope it won't be needed, but it seems like the fires just keep growing.  We've only had smoke a couple of days, but today is very windy here, & probably a lot of other places too that don't need it. 

Pepper scared me to death last night at feeding time.  We had a couple of the people here training for taking care of the donkeys while we're gone.  I looked over & Pepper was standing in Jenny's pen, which is right next to his pen.  I looked away for less than 30 seconds, looked back & he's on the ground.  Not normal behavior, especially at that time of day.  I walked over to him & he was breathing heavier than I would like.  He raised his head up but acted like it was heavy.  I checked his gums & they were purple.  I yelled to the girls that they might get to see an emergency, which of course freaked them out.  I yelled for John & by the time he got down from the garage, Pepper was on his feet & his gums were pink.  I have no idea what happened, wonder if he had a slight heart attack or something?  He was ready for his supper & tried to run his gate when they brought in his mush.  Maybe a TIA, one of those mini strokes they keep warning us about.  Whatever it was it seemed to just pass on thru, with no residual repercussions.  He's over 35 & about as fragile as he can be.  But doesn't seem to know it or care, he likes to be where the action is.  We try to protect him from the other donkeys, but he doesn't make it easy......!!!  Old Buzzard.......!!!!

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