Thursday, June 16, 2011

FIFTY YEARS LATER.........!!!!

Do they even do studio set-ups like this anymore? 

Well it's been quite an adventure so far.  I'm not sure John knew what he was getting himself in to, but according to him, he's still having fun.  Thanks to the Air Force we've seen a lot of the world, & got to live in many interesting places.  I can't imagine doing anything different........well maybe winning the lottery, but not sure that would have made much difference in our lives.  

It certainly doesn't seem like 50 years has passed, of course at the time, I don't think we could even envision 50 years, we were pretty young, & didn't have a clue about what direction our lives would take. 

Right now the fires in Arizona are really causing havoc with people's lives.  We've gotten in touch with all the people we know in the fire areas & let them know if they need to move their animals, we have a trailer, & the animals can stay here if need be.  Of course we're suppose to leave on our week long vacation the 25th & the staff from the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary will be taking care of our animals.  The way the fire is moving, I'm sure we will know what's happening in the next day or two.  

We're going up to the Grand Canyon & do something I've always wanted to do, white water rafting.  Not sure it's John's thing, but he's willing to go along.  (the story of his life, poor guy, sure am glad he still thinks he's having fun...!!) When we get thru they will fly us out of the canyon in a helicopter.  That should be interesting, neither of us has ever flown in a helicopter before.  Then we're going to head up to Bennett, Colorado, to visit with Kathy & Alan at Longhopes Donkey Shelter.  Kathy came down here a few years ago, & I want to see how a "real" rescue operates.  She is a great person & a whiz at finding homes for her donkeys.  Over the years she has something like a 90% adoption rate.  Then we'll head back down this way & back home, to see how our "fur" kids are doing.  I know they will do just fine, & they will be in great hands with the staff from the Oasis, but we're both going to be like first time parents.  This will be the first time we've both been gone overnight in 10 years, I just hope we can let go & have a good time.  I'm sure once we get on the road we'll be fine.   


Susan & Joe said...

Congratulations on 50 years - love the glasses!

Have a great vacation.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time on vacation and don't worry about the kids they'll be alright.

Tish said...

Yes, in 1961 glasses made a "statement", just not sure what it was.......!!!!

I'm sure we'll have a great time, road trips were always one of our favorite things to do.