Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We will be moving Remington tomorrow.  After chores we'll take the trailer down to St. David & see if he loads any better than he did last time. My guess is NOT.........!!!!!   Ha!  That's OK, we plan on taking a couple of corral panels to make a little bitty space behind the trailer, to cut down on him running around the round pen & ignoring what we want him to do.  

Georgette & the young neighbor Hannah are excited about him coming to stay for awhile.  I 'm really glad they are going to work with him, I don't seem to find time to do a lot of things like grooming Rusty the mule looks like a hair explosion if you even look at him, & ground training for Hanna as it is.  Remington is a beautiful boy & with a little training he'll be ready to go to a new home.

Quilla & I are doing pretty good with his legs.  I am using sunscreen in the morning on his legs & Vetricyn spray in the afternoon.  As it is getting warmer, I will probably have to put sunscreen on more often during the day.  The scar tissue on his legs has no elasticity, which is always dry & subject to cracking.  That seems to be when the sun gets involved, & the bleeding brings on the flies. 

I'm going to be gone this week-end, so John will be chief cook & bottle washer.  Hopefully everyone will behave themselves & not get sick or hurt.  This year we have managed to not have to put fly masks on everyone yet.  Six are getting fly masks every day, but so far the flies aren't a problem for the others.  When I get back Monday we'll probably start putting masks on everyone.  Unfortunately they will have to stay on the 10 acres during the day thru the summer.  They check the gate every morning when it's closed & give us sad looks.   

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