Sunday, May 16, 2010

 Mercer County, Kentucky 1890
A couple of years ago, we had a cat show up.  At the time we didn't know if it was male or female, or if it had been neutered.  We named it Hobo & although it has become friendlier, we can touch the head & that's about it.  We tried using a live trap to take it to the vet for shots & neutering if necessary.   Not even tuna or anything else was interesting enough to "hop" into the trap.  A week or so ago, John said Hobo looked fat, a few days later he said Hobo didn't look fat anymore.  Hmmmmmm.  He had seen "her" hanging around the hay barn & yesterday he moved a hay bale & saw a little gray & white wiggly thing, eyes not open.  He couldn't tell if there are more & we don't want her moving them, so we'll just wait to find out how many there are.  She comes down to the house twice a day to be fed, so I assume she will bring the kids when they get old enough to roam around.  We had suspected she was a female, because when we first saw her years ago she had a kitten with her that was about 3 months old.  We saw it one day & never again, so I guess it didn't have the survival techniques Hobo does. 

Yesterday was trim day for those that needed it.  Courtney ended up working on 8 of them.  Everyone did pretty good, even Hanna.  This was her first experience with getting trimmed.  I had worked on haltering & picking up feet with her.  But really hadn't worked very much.  She stood like a statue, I was so proud of her.   We only did the fronts, & Courtney didn't use the power tools.  Always end on a positive note...........!!!  LOL  She really did good though.  

Jenny has been on Horse Tech's BioFlex-Ultra for her feet.  Courtney said her feet were in good shape ..... for her, so hopefully it is making a difference.  The inside of her feet are so nasty, nothing is going to put the bones back where they belong or grow new bone where they have demineralized.  But if supplements will help to improve the hoof, frog & sole that's got to be a good thing. 

Tomorrow we are taking a friend up by Phoenix to pick up her Arabian stallion.  He's been up there for training & showing, but it's time for him to come home.  She doesn't have a trailer so she asked if we'd haul him.  I would imagine it's a "hoity-toity" Arabian show training barn, hope they don't throw our  donkey rescue 4 horse stock trailer out before they find out we have a reason to be there. 

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