Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is Sultan, the Arab stallion we picked up for a friend yesterday.  He's been being shown & according to Susan has done quite well.  But she decided it was time for him to come home & be a horse for awhile.  He really was a good boy, didn't particularly care for motorcycles passing the trailer, but other than that took the trip in stride. 

The barn where we picked him up was up by Scottsdale & really was impressive.  Probably 200 box stalls all under the same roof.  They had  about 5 or 6 different arenas for different types of riding or training, really a nice operation, except for one small problem.  There were 4 horses in turnout pens, & one other horse in the barn with Sultan a total of 6 horses on the property.  What a waste, I don't know why there aren't more horses there, but it would be hard to justify even keeping it open, for so few horses.  Susan said at least 2 of the outside horses belong to the woman that owns the place, so she probably isn't making enough off of the boarders to even pay the electric bill.  Maybe it's a tax write-off or something like that.  

Georgette called last night & Remington let her put a fly mask on him & also run her hands all over his body.  Well, not the belly, but this morning she called & said he let her touch his belly, so he really is being cooperative. He's become the neighborhood entertainment, for people walking by, so he's getting a lot of stimulus from different people, which is really good for him.  

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