Thursday, May 20, 2010


Quilla is doing pretty good with his leg sores.  We are making sure they are always coated with sunscreen & between that & the Flyfins his legs are not bleeding.  

Cisco who has had a problem with summer sores ever since he came here 10 years ago, is really doing good this year.  Fly masks took care of the eye sores, so that hasn't been a problem for years.  But his sheath always had to be treated & even then if it bothered him at all, he would drop, scoot & it would turn into a bloody mess.  This year I started early with keeping it covered with sticky stuff usually thunja zinc oxide.  The last 2 days I have not put anything at all on him.  The flies aren't bothering his sheath, & as long as he doesn't bother it, maybe we have beat the problem.  I hope so, he has gone thru a lot in his life.  He is still getting his daily benedryl & that will continue thru the summer.  

This morning Daisy had a lot of flies gathering on her nostril.  John noticed it, so I checked her out.  She doesn't have any sores or anything they seemed to be after the nasal drainage.  But they were piled up like they do when there are habronema larvae.  Or she might have a little infection.  Either way, we put some Ivermectrin around the nostrils.  

All in all everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now, even old Pepper.  He doesn't move very fast, but he's always interested in going out & seeing what's going on.  

Haven't heard from Georgette the last couple of days, I'm sure she & Remington are still making progress. 


Anonymous said...

where did Cisco come from? how did you end up with him? he is lucky to have found really good parents that take good care of him.

Tish said...

His story is on our web-site under residents. The last couple of days I've had to "grease" him up, but he is so much better than when he first came. The 1st summer, I lived in the corral with him to try to keep him from mutilating his sheath.