Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DRESSED FOR FLY SEASON.............!!!!

These FlyFins really seem to work.  Both Jenny & Quilla have trouble with flies & sores on their legs.  But I have to say, since I started putting sunscreen on Quilla's legs & FlyFins on both of them, we are staying ahead of the problem.  This is a lot easier way to "doctor" & I'm sure it's a lot more comfortable for them, to not have open bloody sores on their legs all summer. 

There is a "slight" problem with the operation.  In a pasture setting you'd put them on & they'd stay on.  In our situation of brush, mesquite, & other assorted "grabby" plants, every few days, one or the other comes in missing a legging.  It's not easy to find fly masks when they lose them.  But, these are lightweight material that lay flat unless they get caught off the ground in brush.  They are also a lovely design that is mostly brown, beige & black.  Blends in with the ground it's laying flat on.  I'm thinking about brushing up my sewing skills, that were never very good to begin with, & trying to make some.  I'm sure it's going to be a  LONG summer, unless we have some extras.  They work well enough, that I want them on their legs at all times when it's sunny. 

Remington is still progressing, he's enjoying wearing a fly mask Georgette says.  He's allowing grooming, but a halter isn't acceptable yet.  He talks when she comes to feed him, so he's learning to rely on her rather than being blaise' about people. 

Next week we are going to visit with Susan & her 2 girls.  In February we brought the girls here & had their feet trimmed before we trailered them to their new home.  They've had time to settle in, so we thought we'd go see how they are doing. 

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