Friday, May 14, 2010

This crossed my desk this morning.  A friend forwarded an ad off of Tucson Craigslist trying to sell the horse.  I have sent the information out to a couple of Yahoo groups I belong to & have also sent a message to the ad e-mail, reminding him of the Arizona cruelty law.   Arizona Animal Cruelty law 13-2910-3 states:  " Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly inflicts unnecessary physical injury to any animal." I'm sure he will be quite impressed with anyone's opinion about what he does.  BUT, silence does not educate, & who knows maybe disrupting his thoughts on the subject might make a difference. 

Heard from Georgette this morning.  She was so excited, she had touched Remington & he didn't seem to mind............until she tried to hug him.  Waaaaay  too much contact.....!!!  That's OK, he will learn that this exuberant woman really has a heart of gold & doesn't want to strangle him. 


Anonymous said...

Tish, you can report this guy. Try the Southern AZ animal cruelty task force. If you don't want to, forward the ad to me & I will follow up.

Kiss Katie for me.


Tish said...

Can do & will. Katie's a "pocket" donkey, she "helps" with everything you do, whether you want her to or not. And there is less of her than there was, although she has a ways to go.