Thursday, May 06, 2010


Well not exactly a roadtrip..........I'll be flying out early tomorrow for a cousin reunion with one remaining aunt in Grove, Oklahoma for the week-end.  Should be fun, I've only seen most of them a couple of times in the last 40 years, usually at funerals.  So it will be a good chance to get caught up on family news & history.  I'll be back Monday afternoon.  John got his last minute orders, so he should be good to go, although I'm not sure he thinks so.  Ever since the time Pepper choked & John had to haul him to the vet about an hour after I left, he's been a tiny bit paranoid...............!!!  (G)  

Heard from Georgette & she said Remington seems to be doing just fine, he came within about 4 feet of her this morning.  She was armed with a cookie.  We will probably take some corral panels in next week to make a smaller round pen for her to work with him.  The field he's in,  is large enough that he doesn't have to get close if he doesn't want to.  So we'll make it so he has to accept people being close to him & maybe even putting a halter on him.......!!!! I'm sure he will be thrilled.........!!!

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