Saturday, May 29, 2010

Broke 100 degrees in  Tucson yesterday for the 1st time this year. We were a few degrees cooler, but not much.  The humidity is so low the flies are starting to be a problem.  Even though we use the fly traps & fly predators, there are still flies that really prefer donkeys.  I read the other day that some flies will eat hair.  I always thought when a hairless spot showed up it was where the donkey had rubbed a spot.  But maybe not.  

I tried making some of the leggings for Quilla & Jenny.  Found some bright orange material, hopefully if they lose one, the orange will show up so we can find them.  

Tula has a new game she is playing.  We usually ignore her when it's time to put everyone in their pens.  She may go in or may not, so it's easier just to let her do her thing.  If she hasn't shown up by the time we are putting out hay, I shut her gate, so she can't get in.  This REALLY irritates her, she will stand outside the gate & yell.  I always come back & let her in, after everyone else is taken care of.  So timing is important for both of us I guess.  Lately she has been going in her pen, just as we drop hay in Chester's bunk.  Chester's pen is right before her pen.  John says she doesn't like to waste time hanging around in her pen waiting.  I think it's a game, to see if she can get in before I shut the gate, with no time to spare.  Anyone that thinks animals are stupid have never been around them.  I've never been around any animal that probably wasn't capable of outsmarting me, if I didn't pay attention to our relationship.  

I'll be glad when the "rites of spring" are over.  Most of the boys are wooing most of the girls.  Not always the same ones as a couple.  In fact some of the relationships are a little strange.  Like Pepsi the mini, following Tula around like a love sick calf.  Jack the mule & Hanna grooming on each other quite often.  That one really is weird, Jack does NOT like the donkeys usually.  And Hanna usually hangs out with Tula.  John said the other day he saw Tula & Hanna grooming.  I've never seen Tula groom on anyone before.  BlackJack at the tender age of about 21 has found a lady friend.  He has started following Jenny, big girl, every place she goes.  We haven't seen him do anything except follow along when she walks someplace.  

Heard from Georgette.  She still can't get a halter on Remington.  She said the other day, she was trying & guessed she got a little pushy, because he kicked at her & grazed her arm.  She said she threw the halter at him & yelled at him.  Then thought maybe she shouldn't have.  I told her I would have been hitting, kicking & yelling..............for about 3-5 seconds.......then back to business as usual.  I like the 3 second "KILL" rule for taking care of bad behavior.  And they are smart enough to know they deserved it.

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