Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'M BACK..............!!!

Had a great time in Oklahoma meeting all my cousins.  At the last minute Jack Ed found out the lodge we were suppose to use had been double booked for that week-end.  So we all ascended on him & his wonderful wife Helen.  They seemed to think having a bunch of nutty relatives for the week-end was a lot of fun.  We laughed & told jokes, & reminisced about Granny & Grandad & also all our parents that are now gone.  Callie, our remaining Aunt was there & she didn't look much older than us "younguns".  All in all it was a wonderful time, & hopefully we'll be able to do it again.

Got in a couple of hours late, American Airlines in on my "list", so when we got home we hit the ground running.  We were already late for chores & they let us know it.  I thought they might be glad to see me, but that isn't the vibes I got.......!!!  John did great on sore care, Cisco, Sha'ba, Quilla & Jenny all looked good, no new spots showing on any of them.   And the ones they have were under control.  

Tomorrow we are going to deliver the corral panels to Georgette, so she can get up close & personal with Remington.  I talked to her tonight & she said he's curious & not afraid or anything like that.  He just doesn't see a need to do all that interacting & bonding nonsense.  She did manage to scratch his butt one day.  That usually is such a fun thing for them, they make sure you will do it again.  She said ever since he's stayed "over there", rather than getting close enough to be scratched.  

We're also going to try to go see how the 2 girls are doing we picked up in February   They are the 2 that needed their feet trimmed, & we hauled them to the vet.  A happy shot made the experience easier for everyone involved especially Tyler, the trimmer.  But Susan hasn't had their feet trimmed in the last 3 months, which isn't good.  Tyler said they had some white line disease probably from standing in deep mud for days, but thought it would be OK with regular trimmings.  Hopefully we can make her understand just how important regular trimming is, especially with feet that already have problems. 

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