Monday, May 31, 2010


Well our little marshmallow Quilla surprised me yesterday.  He has a couple of spots on his rear legs that we've been putting sunscreen on & they are doing fine.  But I thought we'd try putting on leggings, since keeping the sun off seems to be a large part of keeping the areas from breaking out & bleeding.  You couldn't ever find a less aggressive donkey, he is at the bottom of the pecking order & I've never seen him do anything except stand around & watch unless someone wants him to move.  A flick of the ear & he leaves.  I've been putting leggings on his front legs for awhile & "assumed" the rear legs would also be no problem.  The left leg was a little touchy but not bad.  The right leg is where he decided to make his stand.  He was a roping donkey years ago & we've noticed he lifts & stretches his rear legs, so I would imagine he was used for heeling & has some issues with his hind legs.  That's OK, I was willing to work with evasiveness & all that goes with it, but I wasn't willing to get kicked..........!!!  He didn't really kick AT me..............but I know the message he was sending.  We had 3-5 seconds of  "I'm going to kill you........dead".  Never thought I'd have to do anything like that with Quilla, I've never even raised my voice at him I don't think.  

Donkeys are so smart I thought by this morning he would realize, they don't hurt him & he would appreciate having them on.  Well not exactly, although he only raised his leg this morning & I growled mean.  Once I got it on, John gave him a cookie, so maybe by tomorrow morning our little marshmallow will be back.  

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