Saturday, August 30, 2008

This was taken a couple of days ago, while Rocky was still in the pens. That's Justin trying to grab his leg thru the gate. BlackJack is watching.

Rocky went out yesterday & as far as I know has not had any confrontations with anyone. He seems to be very mellow & non protective of his space. Buster wants to make sure he doesn't try any moves on Lucy, & has kicked in Rocky's general direction. But usually Rocky isn't even close to Lucy, & takes the hint & finds somewhere else to stand.

When it was time to go in for evening feeding, he saw John with the halter came trotting up & walked beside John all the way to his pen. This morning he saw John with the halter & took off running.......!!! He didn't go far, & let John put the halter on him & lead him to the pen. Today everyone has to stay in so I can leave early & go to the races. We'll let them out when we get home tonight, so I'm curious as to how he will behave in the morning. I think he's trying to tell us, he would rather stay out than go in the pen...........!!! Tula tells us that twice a day.......!!!!! (G) I think if we didn't make her go in the pens to eat, she would completely revert to being wild. I've thought seriously about trying to use an animal communicator to see if we might get any ideas on what makes her tick.

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