Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things are pretty low key around here right now. Today John decided everyone should be able to go out for a couple of hours. Of course as soon as their head clears the gate, down it goes, looking for beans to vaccum. I've tasted mesquite beans, & believe me, they don't do a thing for me..........!!!! Must be a species thing............!!!!!

I haven't gotten the results of the blood tests Pepper had last week, I'll pick them up tomorrow. When I called this morning I was told his thyroid numbers were high. Just what the poor old guy needs, another ailment he's already got Cushings & Insulin Resistance. Going into winter if there is anything we can do to get some weight on him, it would be nice. I have his blanket & boots ready because I'm sure he's going to need them.

Chester's walking pretty good although still limping. Right now he's getting Baytril for awhile.

John leaves Thursday for Indiana to attend his high school reunion, & visit family. So I'll be chief cook & bottle washer for about 5 days. Should be fun, lets just say I'm not planning anything else except chores for those 5 days........!!!!

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