Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CHILI, CHILI, COCO, POP........!!!!

That's my nickname for him, can't tell you what John calls him sometimes, but it isn't Chili Sweetie Pie. ......!!! A while back you might remember me writing about Chili & Rusty, getting a bag of timothy pellets out of the container, after one or the other had destroyed the screen door. John covered the door with a couple of pieces of expanded metal, & while it did keep them out, it didn't look very good & had sharp edges that someone could have gotten snagged on.

We got a security door this week & John put it up one afternoon. Looked great.....!!!! The next morning when I went out to do chores, I hear a rhythmetic metal sound & at first thought John was hammering on something up by the garage. Then I noticed John was rounding up donkeys & was no where near the garage. My brain immediately flashed.....new security door..... donkeys are like cats........ something new in their space has to be checked out. I took off running, well moving quicker than usual & noticed a chubby red roan butt in the carport, lined up so the head & front feet would be right in front of the security door. Well, Chili heard me coming & took off running. You think they don't know right from wrong? The smart sneaky ones do...........!!! He had been using a front hoof as a battering ram & had already bent John's brand new security screen, which John was NOT happy about. The good news is, as far as I know he hasn't tried to "open" it again. I guess he decided it wasn't going to be as easy as it was last time.

Max is doing better although I still haven't let him out & probably won't for awhile. He's walking better & isn't flopping around so much. He's become resigned to being in the pens, at least he isn't yelling so much. He's getting an extra feeding of hay at noon which of course makes him happy, at least until the hay is gone. The first few days, Jack & Rusty the mules stayed pretty close to the pens, & still go to check on him during the day. But they go out & do their thing most of the day. I don't think they knew before they could go anyplace without Max.

Everyone else is doing good. I've changed Chester's antibiotics again. He's now on SMZ's for awhile. He's been on antibiotics about 10 months, & they can build up a resistance to long term antibiotics. So I've been trading off, on Naxcel, Baytril & now SMZ. He still limps, but it's been a long time since he has been 3 legged lame. His last x-rays showed the elbow joint itself is in good shape, so Dr. Taylor doesn't know why he is lame. I know if I stop the antibiotics, within about 2-3 weeks, he gets worse. So I assume there is still infection in his system, if not in the elbow joint, hiding & lurking somewhere else.


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oh boy they can sure find trouble can't they?

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