Friday, September 05, 2008

John left yesterday for his high school reunion in Indiana. So far everything is going smoothly, although it does take three times as long for one person to do what 2 people usually do, I think.

Last night Pepper was really walking like he was uncomfortable when I brought him in. I felt his feet & they felt warmer than usual, so I stood him in ice water for awhile. He didn't seem to mind, so I assume it felt good. If Pepper doesn't like something his cooperative level goes WAY down. I explained to him that he won't be able to go out anymore until the mesquite beans are gone. We've been taking a chance because he gets so stove up from arthritis if he doesn't get out to move around. There is plenty of room in the pens, but he doesn't move around like he does when he's out & on the trail of mesquite beans.

To say, he wasn't happy today is an understatement. He went from gate to gate, yelled at me when he could & in general let me know that I had forgotten what I needed to do.

I'm also keeping Tula in with Chili while John is gone. I thought she would probably really have a fit about staying in. But she really has accepted being in the pens much better than I expected. Her running buddy Chester is more upset than she is. He hangs around the pens, especially at night. When I came out this morning, he was laying by the gate, hoping she could come out I guess. Of course later on he & Rocky were play fighting & he was trying to kick Rocky's head off, so I guess she isn't the only thing he thinks about. I was really surprised at him double barrel kicking as high as he was. Right now he is walking real good, but he was putting all his weight on his front legs, when he was kicking. Rocky seemed to think it was jolly good fun. He's been in with a mare for 3 years, & seems to be enjoying being able to do "guy" stuff.

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