Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Even as I write the wash that runs across the property is running bank to bank. So much for the monsoon season being over. Unfortunately there are more than a few donkeys on the other side, & it's about time to start evening chores. The rain & wind knocked down enough mesquite beans that they probably won't even think about hay for awhile.

This morning John was out looking for a wayward fly mask, & said he didn't see many mesquite beans, (that was before the wind & rain) so we decided to let everyone out today. He's going to walk over on Burroland tomorrow & see how the bean situation is over there. If the cows have done a good job of cleaning them up, then we'll let the donkeys start going over there again.
It was Rocky's mask he was looking for............!!!

This morning when we let them out I heard the dogs running & barking. Justin & Pepsi, the 2 little mini geldings were running like little bitty race horses. They were even braying while they were running, which doesn't look like it would be easy to do. I guess they were really happy to be FREE........!!!! Pretty soon Lynn joined in the race or at least tried to. I guess Cheyenne was too lady like to run around like a maniac, she didn't participate in the fun. Too bad I didn't have the camera.

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