Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is Rocky "helping" me by taking off with one of my gloves........!!!

We will be going stock car racing tonight, so everyone gets to stay in their pens today, much to their disgust. They let us know their thoughts when we were cleaning pens this morning. Not too long after we got through cleaning, John came in to tell me he had forgotten to double clip the gate into the fat farm. Might as well leave the gate wide open, Justin can open it with little effort. So we gathered up halters & started looking for them. Buddy Brat was easy, he was right outside the pen, vaccuming up beans. Silly boy...........!!! BlackJack also couldn't wait to start eating beans, so he was quickly dragged back to confinement.

That left Cisco & the 4 minis.......... Found them all down below the house along with Rocky. I haltered Cisco & & we headed for the pen. By the time I headed back into the fray, John had gotten the minis to head for the pen. The problem was Rocky was "trying" to help or participate, we aren't sure which. Either way, he was more of a hinderance than a help. They actually were fairly easy to get in the pen, although Pepsi, figured out what was going on & tried to escape. Now they are all yelling & screaming about this mistreatment. They will be happy to get fed early this afternoon though.

John checked Burroland yesterday after all the wind & rain of the day before. He said there aren't any beans left in the trees, but there are a lot on the ground. The donkeys won't eat them after they have laid on the ground for awhile, at least they never have. So we will wait a few days & check again. If the beans on the ground have started discoloring & looking icky, maybe they can start going over there again. They really love their "wild country".

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