Monday, September 08, 2008


Of course I'm glad he's coming home, but it will also be great to have an extra pair of hands for chores.......!!!! Seems like life revolves around them, unfortunately.

Actually everything has gone rather smoothly, it only takes me a couple of days to get everyone organized. John lets them get away with too much, & they take advantage of him. I can't help it if the gate "accidently" hits someone that has their feet planted so I can't get the gate open. Sometimes it hits them more than once or twice. Rocky was real bad about standing in the way the first couple of days. This morning the gate just barely touched him & he side stepped. Gus was bound & determined the first couple of days, that he was going everywhere I went & going into every pen with me was really interesting. I started carrying a quirt, using it if necessary & he decided it wasn't quite as much fun....... (G)

Pepper is still very upset about not being able to go out of the pens. But he is eating his hay & feed much better now that he isn't filling up on mesquite beans, & his feet feel cooler. I keep explaining to him that it is for his own good, as he tries to run me down at the gate.

Tula has been interesting to watch since she's been staying in with Chili 24/7. Usually if you are in the pen with her, she will go to the farthest corner & watch you with both eyes. If you move she moves. I noticed the last few days, she was getting rather casual & not reacting so strongly, to me being in close proximity. This morning she was eating hay & I walked up on the other side of the bunk. She didn't react at all, although she knew I was there. I just ignored her, but am going to watch this new situation & see if she is in fact mellowing a little. Maybe Chili told her she was being silly. I'm not sure she would listen to him anyway, this morning he had the audacity to try to stick his nose in her bunk. Don't think he'll be doing that least until the hoofprints fade from his body parts........!!!! She wasn't kidding..............!!! His body is very well padded, so she didn't really hurt him, but he knows not to do that again........!!!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Love your descriptions of your various donkeys' personalities - your stories made me smile, even though some must have frustrated you at the time.
Glad your guy is coming home - it'll be good to have help (and a little love) again. :-)

Tish said...

As you know they are all different, just like people. I gave up on frustrated a long time ago........!!! (G) The ones that have been used as roping donkeys are real hard to work with sometimes for different reasons. They basically shut down mentally. Of course the ones that I'm having trouble with at gates etc, have never been roping donkeys, they are just being pushy, & lippy. I think I've pulled all the whiskers out of both Rocky & Chili's muzzle as we have fought for control of the chain on the gates. I keep telling them it takes longer when they help........!!! (G)

Are you about ready for a new gang to come stay for awhile?

Just got back from the airport with John....yippee!