Friday, September 19, 2008


There's a candidate I could easily vote for...........!!!

The vet made it out this morning as planned. I showed her the report we got 2 years ago when we took him to Gilbert & between that & examining him, she thinks he's probably having a pretty bad inflammation problem around the old break in his neck. She asked what we want to happen with him. I said we want him to be able to be loose on the property, napping under his favorite tree, & pinning his ears when the donkeys get too close to him. In other words, we want him to be able to be a horse. Right now he is too unstable to be wandering around over hill & dale, so he will have to stay in his pen for awhile, so we can work on getting the inflammation under control. She did some low key chiropractic work on his neck, which he really enjoyed. I was surprised, Max is usually very suspicious & that makes him difficult to work with. But once he figured out she wasn't going to "eat" him, & that what she was doing felt good, he relaxed & enjoyed it.

So we'll try the supplements she has for awhile & hopefully they will make a difference. She said what I've always thought was probably the case, what we buy over the counter & pay good money for, isn't usually as advertised. Since it isn't regulated, they can just about say whatever they want, & get away with it.

Buddy Brat also got his blood test. He was a little gentleman for a change. He's had good training, but doesn't always remember it.......!!! (G) She commented on how good he was, & also commented that we have a couple that are "rude"........!!!! I know who she is talking about, Jenny & Chester. Actually they are both better behaved than they were when she came out before. But they still aren't always cooperative. Jenny still likes to raise the other foot when you are trying to raise one. I think she knows just how irritating that is, I swear she almost smiles as the other foot goes up in the air & stays there for as long as "she chooses"..............Grrrrrrrr!!! If nothing else being around donkeys will teach you patience............!!!!

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PaintedPromise said...

i'll vote for him too :)