Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doesn't look like the donkeys will get access to their beloved Burroland anytime soon. John went over today to check on the bean situation & reported back, there are plenty of them over there. Need more range cattle roaming around I guess.

I guess Ike the hurricane of the day is messing with our weather, even though we're inland by hundreds of miles. After yesterday's afternoon deluge & wash run, we got probably an inch or more last night & mostly cloudy today.

I think John finally figured out where the little calf got in awhile back. There is a small wash that runs under the fence & with the rain, erosion has washed out the dirt. John was looking for fly masks & noticed there was probably enough clearance to clear the back of a mini donkey under the fence. So he added another t- post & ran some more fence across the wash to make sure the little "monkeys" hopefully don't figure it out. He also found Rocky's 2 missing fly masks & Jenny's mask that I put on her this morning & we didn't even know was missing. Unfortunately there is still a missing fly mask out there. It's been missing for weeks. You would think as much as we tromp over these 10 acres we would have accidently ran across it, but so far it has eluded us.

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