Saturday, August 16, 2008


The information below was e-mailed to me, & I thought it was worth sharing. So often we get into our little world & don't realize how much reality there is out there, we know nothing about.

Heavenly Perfect" is the horse that "North Americas Finest" owner /
trainer, Jerry Hollendorfer, ran knowing she was foundered in both
front feet and had fractures, bone chips and arthritis in her legs.
Ten days later he shipped her off to slaughter where rescuers found
her in a kill pen on her way to Mexico.The poor horse had to be
euthanised. We are calling for a Jockey Club Inquiry into why she was
run that way. Please, watch the video of Heavenly Perfects last race on
May 13, 2008, and then leave your comments

and then please sign the petition:

Technically, he didn't run her to death, but the outcome was the same. My personal opinion is the man should be banned for life from owning or training horses. Let him find a new line of work, maybe digging ditches by hand or cleaning toilets without a brush.


Bisbeehemian said...

Tish, thanks for sharing this. I am absolutely disgusted by it. It just makes me so angry I want to scream. I will be sure to hug my horses and donkeys more often. I am of the opinion that racing (both horse and dog) should be banned. It is far too cruel and animal welfare is always behind that of financial gain in these sports.

Tish said...

Technically neither one is cruel in itself...........but having said that, it seems when money, power, fame, whatever happens to "float the boat" of the "humans" involved, it becomes something nice people don't want to talk about, if they even know it exists.

I can't think of anything involving animals that doesn't exploit them. Puppy mills, caged chickens, veal calves, Big Lick Tennessee Walkers, roping donkeys, dairy industry & the list goes on. Even the way shelters are run is a type of exploitation, when animals that are behaving as animals are judged to be unadoptable & euthanized. They have to fit a certain criteria in order to be allowed to live.

When I was a girl, which has been awhile, there were no spotted poodles, white boxers, or white german shepherds. My Dad was a professional dog handler & judge in the 50's. A lot of breeders would have a bucket of water handy when a bitch was having her puppies. In order to keep the breed pure, they would drown mismarks & physical defects at birth. As I understand the practice is still in use, but somewhere along the line a market developed for spotted poodles & white boxers or shepherds. Obviously some of the breeders didn't follow the usual "fix" of the problem.

Unfortunately people can't be trained to be compassionate or humane. And it doesn't seem to be an automatic behavorial pattern in some people. Otherwise Alydar a great race horse & excellent stallion, wouldn't have had a suspicious broken leg, & been euthanized, when his owners were in bad financial shape.