Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today I put Rocky in with Chili to see how it would go. They had access to 5 pens, so if things got dicey, there was room to separate them. Rocky ran around & did some bucking, but after that it was like they were old friends hanging out together. Tomorrow we will put Gus in the pens & let Rocky out on the 10 acres, so he can explore a little. Actually after the 1st day or so, Gus hasn't paid much attention to Rocky.

A few years ago I put BlackJack in with Honcho, which was a mistake. BlackJack was use to everyone accepting the fact that he runs this operation. Honcho had a different take on the subject, & preceded to try to make his point. BlackJack was larger & heavier, & managed to get Honcho on the ground, but couldn't keep him there. Of course all this time, I'm trying to break it up, without getting hurt. John opened the gate, & BJ took that opportunity to do what we said, for once in his life. He can be a bully, but he's mostly bluff & seemed to appreciate a chance to go somewhere else. Ever since then I've been a little more cautious when introducing new ones.

John wasn't here for the afternoon feeding tonight. It was going pretty good until the wind, rain & lightening started. The wash is still running, so I called John to tell him to be careful driving in. Our wash crosses the road 7 times, so if it's still raining, & the wash is still running, he might not get home tonight.

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