Tuesday, August 05, 2008

GONE, GONE, GONE...............

I am going to be headed for California in the morning & will be gone until early next week. I'm going with a friend that runs the largest exotic bird sanctuary in the U.S. If you would like to read about what it has taken to get Gulliver the blue & gold macaw back to his homeland, there is a link on the right side to the Oasis Sanctuary under Other Rescues & Sanctuaries. The bureaucrats didn't know when this all started that when dealing with Sybil, it would have saved them a lot of time & effort to just give in gracefully, rather than try to red tape her until she went away.............!!!!!! (G)

John will be holding down the fort & says he will be fine even with his broken arm. He should do OK , as long as there isn't some major crisis. He has decided to curtail Miss Tula's freedom for the duration, which she doesn't know about yet. Just a little cooperation on her part when it's time to go in the pen, probably would have went a long way to softening his heart. But after chasing her around in the rain this afternoon, he decided he doesn't want to do that while I'm gone.

I think the straw that broke the camel's back, was when he went out this morning & found the gate to the Fat Farm wide open, & 3 minis out eating beans as fast as they could. As he has said in the past, they are like herding pigs, & this morning they were determined not to go towards the pen, as they ran & tried to grab a bean here & there as we are jumping thru the mesquite, trying to directional guide them............... When they finally decided this wasn't working, they lined up like little soldiers & trotted into the pen. Thank goodness I had ran just about as far as I could run..........but I didn't want them to know it...........!!!

He fixed their gate this afternoon, so hopefully that won't happen again, but I think Tula ended up getting punished for their transgressions. It won't hurt her to stay in her pen for a few days, but thank goodness I won't be here to listen to her...........!!!

It's been hot & muggy here. The weather in San Diego right now is suppose to be in the 70's, wonder if I should take a sweater.............!!!!!! NOPE! I'm going to just go & enjoy it..............!!!

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