Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last night at feeding time, John was leading Pepper to his pen, which in inside the Fat Farm. In the process of opening the gate & getting "slow poke" Pepper in, BlackJack took the opportunity to push thru the gate & head out for some mesquite bean snacking. BlackJack has a real feel for what he can get away with & what he can't. Seeing John busy with Pepper, looked like a golden opportunity & he took it.

As soon as I found out what was going on I took off after him. He decided that it was time to run & buck in between stops to grab beans. Of course there was no way I could keep him in sight, let alone keep up. I haven't seen him move that fast in ages. But I stayed in the race, hoping he would feel uneasy & guilty knowing I was going to show up sooner or later. "I DON'T THINK SO....!!! (G) At one time I lost him altogether & he had quite awhile to eat beans without interference. John was feeding while I was running around like an idiot, so when he got done he joined the fun. I finally found BJ, in the SW corner of the property, as far away from anything as he could get, eating beans of course. I told him the game was over, he took off running towards the pens. When he got to John, I swear he turned around, gave me a dirty look, & followed John all the way to the Fat Farm, walking in like a gentleman..............!!!!! Guess I know how I rate...........!!! (G)

This morning when John went over to feed the chickens, he came back too quickly. Seems a rattlesnake had tried to go thru the chicken wire & was too big to go forward or backward. We gathered up the tools to remove a snake from chicken wire, we've done it before, & were deciding who would be the snake holder vs. the wire cutter on the way to the pen. Got over there & somehow it had managed to get out by itself, much to the relief of the chickens. We looked around & finally found it stretched out behind the nest box. It's tongue was flicking out one end, & the rattles were sticking out the other, which makes it almost 4 feet long. I think we'll probably be a little more careful over there for awhile. As soon as it cleans out all the little mice I put over there out of the feed room, it will move on. YUCK!

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