Friday, August 01, 2008

106 DEGREES TODAY..........with humidity.......!!!!

This morning "Miss" Stealthy & her friend Chester not only didn't come in for breakfast, when we went out to get them, couldn't find them. After everyone else was fed, I started walking the 10 acres, finally found them in the southwest corner that has a lot of mesquite trees, eating beans as fast as they could. It took probably 1/2 an hour or more to finally make Tula understand I wasn't going to go away, & she reluctantly went in her pen. Chester was so upset he kept kicking up his heels to show his displeasure as we went around & around the pen area.

I decided this afternoon to let the ones that have been in "prison" out for an hour or so before feeding time. Figured they couldn't eat too many beans in an hour or so. John went out about 3 hours before, came back in & said we wouldn't have to let them out, they had already taken care of the job.............!!!! I had all the gates clipped except the one that closes with a chain. Obviously someone, probably Justin or BlackJack bounced it enough to get the chain to come loose. They both are real good at opening the other type, unless we put a clip on them.

Tis the season for habronema. This is a picture I took last week of Belle's face, when I went out to see if I had any brillant ideas to help her. I had a fly mask I used on Cisco years ago that comes all the way down to the nostrils. They are using it to keep the flies from landing on the sores & reinfesting. Unfortunately once the habromena get a foothold, until the weather gets cool enough to take care of the fly population it's a problem. If you can keep the area from itching, so they don't scratch it really makes a difference.

I am fighting the good fight with Sha'ba this year. He has an area on his sheath, that has problems every year. It's impossible to cover up a sheath effectively, so we do our best. Every morning we have our "doctoring" session. He's really a good boy about it, even though I know it must be sore. He's never scraped it like Cisco did, thank goodness.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

I just found your blog via 7MSN and I'm so happy I have.
Being new to donkey rescue (I run a satellite adoption center in Oregon for Peaceful Valley), I am thrilled to read new experiences, stories and insights on donkeys - my learning curve is very steep right now, as you can imagine! :-) You guys are doing wonderful things - the donkeys are very lucky to have you.
I went back to your very earliest posts...I got tears in my eyes reading about the cruelty Shiloh has suffered. I've got my reading cut out for guys have been blogging since 2006!! :-)

Tish said...

I been to your blog a few times, you really have a lot going on. Makes me tired just to read all about it......!!! (G) I really enjoyed the video you had with the donkeys running all over the place.

That's great that you are running a satellite for Mark. He's really making a difference in a lot of donkeys lives. I wish I could help at the Big Bend round up in October, what a thrill that would be.

Have you found any homes for your furkids yet? You know the longer you have them, the harder it will be to part with them........!!!

Shiloh & his friend Belle, have a wonderful home now, with people that think they are very special. Donkeys are so forgiving, it's amazing to me how he has kept his gentleness & has put his earlier life on a back burner.