Saturday, August 02, 2008

As if there aren't enough mesquite beans on the property, look what I found this morning......!!!! Looks like we're going to have a double crop this year.

No one seemed the worse for their "outing" yesterday, although they weren't too interested in supper. Of course today they are all staying in, except for Chili & Gus, who aren't fed in a pen. BlackJack is busy trying to destroy the gate, & the others are standing around encouraging him, I think.

This morning when it was time to round-up "HER MAJESTY" Miss Tula & her consort, Chester, although they didn't come in on their own, they did go straight to their pens, with me bringing up the rear. I guess she's figured out I won't give up & let her stay out. At least Chili didn't try to help this morning. Last night he was running with Tula & she doesn't particularly care for him. So not only was she trying to get away from me, she was trying to get away from him. Made for a long hot, sweaty, chase.

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Anonymous said...

are the mesquite beans ok for a donkey to eat? I have one donkey and 40 acres of lots of mesquite trees.