Friday, August 15, 2008

CHILI HATES ME............!!!

This is his opinion of me right now. You can see he is in the pens. You might notice there are no bones showing on him anywhere. He is very round & plump, look at those fat little cheeks, which means he doesn't need the added calories from mesquite beans. So in the pens he went. We can't put him in with the other 10 "prisoners" because when he gets bored, he gets obnoxious with the others. He is in the pen area where everyone goes out during the day & he can have access to all the pens. Still not good enough, this is a picture of the broom we "use" to use to clean rocks & dirt off Jack's stall mat before he eats. The mat keeps all the food he drops from lack of teeth, being on the ground & mixing with sand & gravel. Once he empties the feed bucket he enjoys cleaning up the fallout. I guess Chili took his frustrations out on the broom, because it wasn't in two pieces earlier in the day.


Danni said...

Now, are you *sure* he hates you? Maybe he loves you. At my house, when Pistol, my biggest, baddest donkey does this, he merely wants him bum scratched. Guests to our house tend to be a bit unnerved by a big ol' donkey a** backing into them, but politely start scratching away once I explain to them what the old boy wants.
Your picture cracked me up because I see this sight multiple times every day! :-) :-)

Tish said...

No, in this case it's at least "disgust", that I don't realize he is stuck in the pens, & can't get out. Believe me he's tried. He happens to be one of my escape artists, so we have to make sure the chains on the gates are latched, so he can't bounce the gates & pop the chains loose. I have quite a few that LOVE their butts scratched, & like you said, back up to get the job done, much to the surprise of the uninitiated.