Friday, September 14, 2007

When we checked Pepper last night about 10pm, he was ready to go out, & didn't feel warm, so we let him out. This morning he was back to his usual hungry pushy obnoxious self. I can't imagine 1 bute brought him back from death's door, so can only assume whatever he had wasn't serious. Seeing him stand with his ears hanging was scary.

He is still stumbling & favoring his right front foot. I picked it up this morning & noticed his sole is really thick & below the hoof wall. My first thought was he had false sole but it doesn't sound hollow if you tap on it with a hoof pick. Walking on the sole like that is probably why he is limping.

I'll get in touch with Katie & see what she thinks we need to do, if anything. His feet & sole are so hard, I know I can't trim it.

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