Tuesday, September 18, 2007


We picked Biscuit up yesterday as planned & it went well. We transfered him directly from one trailer to the other, so he didn't have to step down. His feet are horribly long & one of the first things we will do, is get them trimmed. We were going to try to do it, but this morning his bad leg from elbow to knee is swollen, & after looking at his feet, they need some professional attention anyway. We'll probably have the Vet come out & put him on the ground, so the farrier can work without trying to balance Biscuit on 3 legs. Besides he's been used as roping donkey, & consequently doesn't want his legs messed with, let alone his feet picked up. He does stand around with his bad leg turned under, although when he walks he walks like he should. We might have to find some sort of brace for him to wear for awhile to retrain the nerves & muscles, we'll see what the Vet says.

He's a big boy, about the size of BlackJack, & seems to be very mellow although not a snuggly type of fellow. We use a golf cart to haul the hay buckets thru the pens. Sometimes this is a problem with a new donkey, if they've never seen such a thing before. He didn't even pay any attention to it.

The Vet checked Molly's belly & scar tissue from her surgery. He said she has a very small hernia, but other than that said she should be just fine if someone wanted to train her to ride or anything else. We've been playing around with clicker training the last few days, & I think she just wants to be a fun loving mule, with someone to play with her, rather than having to work........!!!

They x-rayed Buddy's lump on his jaw & the decision was made to remove it. This is Dr. Taylor doing his thing. Buddy's head is under the blue drape, his neck is to the left. He's laying on his back on a table. They had to use a hammer & chisel to break the lump away from his jawbone. He was a little drunk when they brought him out of recovery, but we managed to get him into the trailer, with Biscuit. Buddy preceded to try to kick the snot out of Biscuit. I had a vested interest in this process, since I was in the trailer with them at the time. Buddy was too wobbly to be accurate & finally decided he better keep all feet on the floor of the trailer.

Molly had to ride in the 2nd section of the trailer, because when we put her in with Buddy that morning, she decided she was going to kick him into next week. And she didn't give up, so we quickly moved her & shut the gate between them in the trailer.

The logistics of getting a Vet & a farrier out here at the same time, is going to be fun. Hopefully I can get them together this week, but that would be some type of miracle, probably........!!!

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