Friday, September 21, 2007

Our new boy is settling in just fine. The swelling in his leg is going down, & he's walking much better. Yesterday morning I walked out the door & saw a donkey I didn't recognize, under the big mesquite with Sugar trying to play. I yelled & wished I had a camera. His head jerked up, ears at attention, looking at me like, "see how smart I am, I figured out how to get out of that old pen"........!!! We were afraid he would be evasive, but John got behind him, & he went back in like gentleman.

The Vet & trimmer will be here next Thur to get his feet shortened. Once that's done & he has a couple of days to learn to walk with short feet, we'll let him out & see how it goes. I think he will get along just fine, if he doesn't try to overdue it the first few days, till he gets use to moving around over rough ground.

We're thinking of doing a name change on him. If they have a name when they come, we usually don't change it. But we think we have a perfect new name for him. If the gray males don't have a name we use gun manufacturer names for them. You know "gun barrel gray"..........!!!! We would like to name him Winchester & call him Chester, which would also have meaning. In the show Gunsmoke, one of Matt Dillon's sidekicks, was named Chester, & he was crippled. I e-mailed the former owner & asked it if would be OK with him. Haven't heard back yet. I do find it easier to remember Chester without thinking.

Molly is going great guns on this clicker training stuff. She started out confused, & I thought maybe this isn't going to work with her. But once the light bulb went off, I can't walk around carrying the target without having to almost run for my life..........!!!! Well that might be a stretch, but she definately wants to put her nose on the target.

Everyone else is doing good. I think everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, I know I am.

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